Why Rsport?

Why Shop at Rsport?

From training for a triathlon to crushing it at work, picking up kids from school to volunteering for the causes they care about, women have always been exceptional at staying active and showing up for their family, friends, and community.
But historically, activewear hasn’t supported women athletes and their wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes.  

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The Problem with "Plus-Sized" Activewear

Even though “plus-sized” athletes make up more than 67% of the US female population, the fit and design of most “plus-size” activewear is simply a larger size, upgraded from the same design lines and support mechanisms for a 6 or an 8. 

And if those brands do grade up, they usually stop at about a 1x.

These upgraded designs often don't work for larger female athletes — and certainly aren't designed with goal of helping Athena athletes perform better while feeling confident and looking great.

Plus size women move, sweat, chafe and abrade differently than any product currently available on the market supports, which is why we are building athletic apparel for active women who the industry has left behind. 

 The Athena Activewear Solution

We believe all women deserve activewear that focuses on performance, craftsmanship, and style, no matter their size.
Rsport is built for badass, motivated women on the move. Our activewear is designed to support your body, your strength, your sport, and your dreams.

We make athletic wear that was designed by women, for women. (And it shows!) You won’t find features like ours anywhere else.

Crossover Waistband

If you’re in downward dog, it expands. If you’re standing upright, it contracts. This waistband was designed to fit you perfectly without pinching no matter what your activity.

Elastic Drawcords

This allows you to set your personal preference for fit around your waist, even when that changes based on your activity.

Deep Pockets — and Lots of Them

No need for waist belts or arm bands when you can carry nutrition, phone, keys, cards and ID on your body all while staying hands-free.

Pee/Period/Sweat Liners

This feature allows women with incontinence, heavy sweat, or their period to participate in their favorite activities without worry.

Permanent Wicking Yarns

When you're on the move, sweat evaporates and produces a cooling effect. Because we use permanent wicking yarns, our fabrics improve that cooling effect better than other brands who only use a finish that wears off with washing.

You'll see your sweat wick through your product covering more surface area to increase the cooling effect.

Special Vacuum Printing Process

This process vacuums the ink deeper into the fabric so it’s not just sitting on the surface of the product.

This means that when it stretches at wider spots (like your bust or hip) you don’t see a “grin through” or fading out of the color or print. It stays vivid and evenly saturated from head to toe.

Welded Seams

This feature decreases abrasion and chafing by removing unnecessary stitching.

Opaque Bottom Knits

Fabric that truly ISN'T see through! A little more assurity while doing what you love.

In-Seamless Construction


This feature will help the products to avoid needless chafing.

Abrasion Panels

We build with high abrasion resistant fabrics, but we enhance our build with abrasion panels on the inside thighs to prevent busting through to skin.

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