Why Rsport?

Athena's are active. We move, we sweat, we chafe and abrade differently than any product currently available on the market supports.  As such, apparel for Athena's needs to have some nuances that speak directly to those needs.


37.5 Technology: Comfort in clothing is dictated by the temperature and humidity next to skin known as the micro-climate. The more comfortable the athlete is, the longer they can pursue their endeavors! 37.5 is a permanent, natural technology (meaning it will never degrade or wash out over time). It is an active particle technology permanently embedded at the fiber level to capture and release moisture vapor. By actively responding to energy from the body, the particles use this heat to accelerate vapor movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapor, significantly increasing drying rates. This means the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes—and the more comfortable the garment remains. See video on how 37.5 technology works!

Abrasion Resistant Panels and Fabrics: The apparel industry has standards for fabric performance. We test all our fabrics to meet the top two levels of expectation. Our reasoning is that Athena's expect more, thus, we expect more. Our goal is that you love your product, wear it and continue to wear it, but we want it to live and last as long as you do.

Flatlock Stitching:  We know that some of the most uncomfortable areas on a garment are the seams.  Flatlock stitching is different from coverstitch or overlock because it takes away the "seam allowance" (often found on tees and many leggings) and creates a flat surface - easier to slide over the skin and avoid irritation, but also stretch incredibly well and remain strong to hold up and through even the most demanding of workouts.

 Athlete Specific Builds:  The way we craft the design creates a higher quality garment in the end.  (e.g. Fully faced panels to avoid chafing issues; modified crew/v neck shapes to create comfort which allows athletes to breathe and still retain coverage; hem construction allowing for varying calf shapes, etc.)  The list goes on, and will continue to because that's what we're about.

Pockets, Pockets and more Pockets:  It's not actually just the pockets, but the idea of a truly multisport product.  Why buy a product only for running or cycling or hiking or triathalons when it would be more efficient, sustainable and cost effective if you could get more bang for your buck out of fewer products?  That's our intention. We don't like to spend money when we don't need to, so we're building more bang for your buck.  (e.g. Jackets that convert to vests, a cycling jersey that doubles as a running top, capris that can be worn to the office to reduce excuses and time to get to that after work run you planned...)



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