About Rsport

Are you familiar with what a Catch 22 is? It's defined as mutually conflicting conditions from which there is no escape.  After 23 years in the Apparel Industry, 16 of which were in Outdoor Performance Apparel, our founder, CJ Riggins, noticed a recurring theme. There is a lot of beautiful product for a very narrow segment of the population. Hearing a continual message to get off our duffs and exercise, it was virtually impossible for the majority of women who happen to be a size 16/18 to engage in athletic endeavors because their sizing was not offered.  This was the birth of Rsport.

Founded in 2015, with a vision to allow more women to Roar!  Rsport puts the Athena Athlete at the center of every design decision. We develop technical performance apparel for female athletes size 10 and up at all fitness levels. Our mission is to outfit and support Athena athletes so they can focus on achieving their running, cycling, triathlon and other outdoor athletic goals while ignoring their clothing. You can find our line of premium products at www.rsportlife.com and race and fitness events across the country.

Our goal?  To start a new conversation about female athletes.  They aren't what you expect, they are so much more!



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