Rsport Lovin' the Locals -- Denver Colfax Marathon & Boulder Creek Fest

Rsport Lovin' the Locals -- Denver Colfax Marathon & Boulder Creek Fest

There’s nothing quite like being in your hometown for events. We were so excited to take part in two incredible events: The Denver Colfax Health and Fitness Expo and Boulder Creek Festival (which coincides with the Bolder Boulder 10K). These are yearly staples for Colorado natives and we loved being there to show our Rsport gear with pride.


​​Rsport at Denver Colfax Marathon Rsport at Denver Colfax Marathon Rsport at Denver Colfax Marathon    

(Rsport at Denver Colfax Marathon Health and Fitness Expo)

We had Athena's seek us out because friends of theirs who were already our customers had shared the brand with them. It was so refreshing to meet and mingle with women who knew about us and purposefully wanted to check out our gear. We even had one woman who wrote to us after the Denver Colfax event saying she regretted not trying on and buying some gear and she came to Bolder Boulder specifically to buy a few pieces in the rain! Of course, we also met new Athena's and introduced them to the brand, which is always a fun experience. We laughed with women when they told us of horrific fit experiences they had with other apparel companies they had tried and laughed more after they tried on our products and were excited with the outcome!  

Athena's came from all over including North Carolina, Texas, Montana, Minnesota and right here in Colorado to run and relay their way through downtown Denver and Boulder. We love endorphins and the happiness that is pervasive in the run and athletic community. We loved meeting Sheridan, Audrey, Dace, Dita as well as old friends who came to support our efforts and of course all the rest of the Athena's who stopped by! A huge thanks goes out to two of our incredible Brand Ambassadors: Heather and Meredith. These ladies were on board to come help at our booth in Boulder on Memorial Day at a last minutes notice. Watching you interact with other Athena’s, talking about why you love the brand was truly inspiring and we can’t wait to see you in action again!

Rsport at Boulder Creek Fest Rsport at Boulder Creek Fest Rsport at Boulder Creek Fest

(Rsport at Boulder Creek Festival)

Thanks so much for taking time to share your stories with us and we're looking forward to seeing you at more events in the future!

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