Rsport Launch & Shamrock Shuffle

Rsport Launch & Shamrock Shuffle

WOW! What a whirlwind weekend.

The Rsport team is still coming off the high of last weekend in Chicago, Illinois where we participated in our first Rsport Expo Event, and our online store launch. The weekend gave us great insight into the direction we are headed, as well as lessons to take with us on the road ahead. We were able to meet and mingle with several Athena athletes that were pleasantly surprised by our presence and our gear. Interacting with those women and being able to tell them they didn’t have to sport a men’s jacket or fleece for the race that Sunday was simply priceless.

Some of our favorite customers even took the time to write us after the event to tell us how they liked our products.

Here are some of our favorite messages:

“I wanted to let you know about your great product. My pants fit perfectly. The very best part?  I love love love the pocket. It was deep enough to hold my phone with ID and cash, and nothing fell out! The fabric was very comfortable, especially across my 4 month old knee scar. The pants did not pull anywhere. I did not feel seams. The waistband was comfortable and I did not need to use the drawstring. The "chap" pads were great, I was afraid I'd feel them, but did not. The pants were easy to pull down and up for those quick (and I do mean quick) outhouse visits. I actually wanted to keep the pants on for a party we attended in the afternoon, but did not. I am anxious to see how well they do in the wash.

I did finish the race, not in the front of the pack, but not at the back end either. My phone said I walked a total of 5.4 miles that day. The other 3.4 was to and from the parking lot. Lol!  I am planning my next 5k soon.” -Madeline

“I just realized my Instagram is private and you won't be able to see my posts! I already shared my new pullover and pants purchases with my friends and I LOVE them. I kicked the Shamrock Shuffle's butt and I'm sure it was because I was so comfortable - both with how I looked and how I felt. I never want to take off the pullover. I'll be looking out for more colors and will keep wearing your product when I workout -- and I'll keep sharing even if you can't see them. Hoping I'll see you again at a Chicago expo soon. Thanks!!!” -Samantha

As we march forward, we want to continue to hear from you. What do you like about what we are doing? What can we improve on? What is your dream product? What is your favorite product of ours?

Fun Tid-Bits from the Weekend:

Walking to and from the Expo to the parking lot multiple times a day is an excellent workout; especially when the parking lot feels like it’s across town.

People LOVE our patterns. We had to turn away several non-Athena customers who were interested in our products!

We are excellent at car Tetris. Picture this: all of our booth supplies, tent, inventory, racks, and tables all crammed into an SUV along with 3 determined women, one of whom is 7 months pregnant. Give us a puzzle, we will solve it!

Our customers are simply the best. You all make every second of this worth it and we are so excited that our gear is finally available for you to rock whatever sport you’re into.


See you in Clearwater, FL for Iron Girl, April 8-9, 2017!

Rsport Team

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