4 Ways to Prepare for Race Season

4 Ways to Prepare for Race Season

If you’re a seasoned runner, biker, or even a triathlete, then you have probably been prepping yourself all through the fall and winter months. If you’re new to the game and want a few quick tips on how to kick start before the season is in full swing, we’ve got you covered.

Offseason is a time when you can really hone in on what you really want to achieve. What have you envisioned for yourself this year? Are you signing up for a race you’ve never done before? Did you set a new personal record on a run and your goal is to smash that PR? Is this your first season out there as a kick butt Athena athlete and you’re ready to go after that finish line like the rest of em’?

Whatever you wish this year, here are a few tips from us to you.

Have a Workout Buddy

Sometimes even the best of us need a little push. With a dedicated work out buddy or better yet, a team cheering you on, it can make all the difference in getting your cute bum out there to achieve your goals. Maybe you are the cheerleader and the go-getter! Still, it’s awesome to build that community around you. We all have experienced, in our own way, the support that Athena’s offer up for each other. It’s one of the best resources we have!

Focus on a Weakness

Yep, we went there. Nobody likes doing the stuff they aren’t good at; for me, its arm strength. I have some killer power house legs that get me to where I am going, but my arms definitely miss the mark sometimes. They may look mean, but my pull ups definitely need work and that translates into my overall strength and endurance.

So what is the plan then? Well, instead of working on all muscles equally, dedicate more time to the ‘weak’ stuff. Know that improvement takes time! Keep at it, if that’s your goal. Be sure to bring that buddy to cheer you on.


We live in a crazy world where we are blasted by work emails, the news, traffic jams, and yes, sometimes even a noisy neighbor. The best way to prepare your body for a race is to work on your whole body, including that brilliant brain of yours.

Taking just a few moments a day to sit quietly, or even downloading one of those crazy cool phone apps with guided meditations, will make a huge difference. Make the time, just like you do for your favorite run route, or your weekend bike adventure.

Find Gear that you Love

We’ve talked about it before, and we will say it again, nothing can be more limiting than gear that doesn’t work for you. Think of it this way: we all have strong, capable, beautiful hands, just as they are. If we try to put on gloves that were never designed for us to begin with, that cause irritation, then why should we expect our performance to be top notch? Now extend that example to your whole body. Your body is exactly how it should be. Your body is a gift, a tool, a temple; it’s all about finding the gear that fits and empowers it. Rsport will be your go-to and we plan to continue to evolve so you can perform at your top to achieve whatever your goals are.


Go achieve your dreams, Athena’s, we look forward to helping you get there. Remember to stay posted on what’s coming just over the horizon at Rsport, including which events we plan to attend!

Where will you be this season?!




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